Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mobile Banking - News June-May-April-March 2011

June 2011 Posts

Capgemini & HSBC build mobile platform. 1st app HSBC Business Banking launched

HSBC UK launched three weeks ago their first mobile app for business banking customers. The launch is not just about the App for their long-waiting consumers but also a milestone in HSBC's mobile strategy.

While the outdated monetise framework will be left by most UK Banks, HSBC UK is one of the first who comes with a new business model towards mobile banking. Capgemini's experience and innovation in mobile banking is leveraged at HSBC mobile strategy however will not be visible at first instance. Meanwhile more importantly is that just after some weeks the business banking app downloads move towards 100k already. Over a 2/3 of customers are satisfied and active usage is already in the double digits !

Gartners shows where the IT money is Spend in 2011

Gartner updated its reporting on IT spend early this year into a new report last April. Findings shows that IT spend are now almost all on mobile.

Best tactics to build amazing and smart mobile banking apps

Lots of Banks are asking not only what's the best mobile strategy but also on how to built that differentiating mobile app !? On tactics as for mobile strategy it is has an IT and Business face.

Couldnot agree more with the 3 tactics as mentioned in this article

Enterprise App Stores, a next step for CIO to look out for

The appled model is moving forward in IT organisations-Since business apps are now joining the consumer apps, IT is looking for ways to integrate the appled model in their current IT infrastructures. Apple provides already an Enterprise App store for iOS apps. In this article you can learn what are the benefits to look into cross-platform Enterprise App store solution

May 2011 Posts

Call for Integration of digital channels by executive bankers at Asian Summit
An interesting angle coming from a report of the Asian Banker Summit this month and the glorious impact of mobile banking. Having similar conversations with executives in the West and East, I certainly recognize the confusion as described among bankers. With consumer uptake of mobile banking going through the roof, banks have a high (IT) need of an integrated approach to the internet channels (Web, Mobile, Social Networks)
… read more

New innovation in Mobile Banking from industry leaders in the digital age
Bank of America was leading the pack in developing mobile banking apps for all Mobile OS platforms. They just finalised their apps and it's good to see mobile UI evolving. Look here on what BofA announced last week ! Interesting detail is they announced in the same week closure of 43 branches !
Also new innovations in apps using the scanning mechanisms of smart phones. In order to ease bill payment
OCBC introduced scanning for bill payment.
Last but not least also announcement of our 'own'
Dutch Rabobank. The Dutch version of paper invoice/bill payment has conveyed into the Iphone app. Another interesting detail , Capgemini already introduced this on their Ibank prototype, one year ago !!

Banks are choosing to develop apps and prefer Iphone first
Another research on mobile banking reveals banking execs preferences. No surprises from own more

April 2011 Posts

Mobile banking is booming and is the winner in the battle of the Channels

New data form comScore shows that mobile banking is increasing it's usage number again. Although (in US) still a 50% of users use financial service through PC, mobile banking is already at a staggering 26%. Only 10% visit the bank and 4% using voice calls.

Nearly as interesting is the large consumer adoption of tablet and smartphone apps vs. a more mild growth of mobile websites. Read here how many milllions of US consumers have embraced the app model to interact with their bank.
Tablets, another wake-up call for CIO's

The CTO of Capgemini shares is view on the tablet and smartphone market. Correctly he writes it is not only about Hardware but also about software which turns around the world of CIO's, read more...

How Banks can use the Ipad Smartly

If you wonder how to create smartly apps for the tablet device, here is a 'King'-advice from Brett King himself. So excellent opportunities to innovate services for the HNWI segment.. Read more....

March 2011 Posts

A Delay for Mobile Payments ?

Apple announced it will not equip their Iphone with NFC technology. I think that it is a major setback also for the development of mobile payments. It is interesting to read why Apple decided to postpone adoption of NFC. Already for years Mobile payments are said to take off however my view was always that for the same reasons Apple is abandoning NFC, this technology still needs further standardization. It showed already in the many PoC's we did in Europe. As soon as Apple is ready and Iphone has NFC, Mobile Payments are there to fly !! read on why Apple made this decision....

USAA Bank takes another innovative step in Mobile Banking

Recently USAA Bank introduced a new concept of banking by introducing a new App for the Ipad device. Earlier in 2010, USAA Bank mobile banking app stood as example on how a bank can add value to its customers by easing the way for check deposits. For countries where checks are still an important means of payment the app delivers many efficiency benefits for customers and banks. Now their Ipad app is showcasing again new ways of making smart use of mobile devices. See the app and get inspired

Tablets will change banking forever

Led by Apple’s iPad, tablet computing is on an obvious growth trajectory, but how should banks and other financial institutions act on this trend? Read Analyst article

Mobile is key component of Multichannel loyalty strategy

Walgreens is seeing much success in using mobile as a means of driving loyalty among its customers by providing choice, control and convenience via the channel.Read more

Western Union introduces Mobile FX payment services to its customers

As I see with more of my clients is that providing mobile services to business banking customers is a hot topic. Western Union acted already on this trend and lets SME customers make payments via their smartphones.Read the article

Brett King speaks about Mobile Money

The author of bank 2.0 was interviewed based on the market introduction of one of the first mobile payment app on Android. Brett King gives his views on what it means for the banking industry. What Brett King has to say..

Mobile Strategy: Integrating or Standalone Apps

More banks are struggling on a long term view on development of the mobile channel. Although an integrated banking app can be developed by choosing a hybrid style, there are also banks who just build standalone apps solely for one specific functionality. Banks have more and more reasons to develop a strategy to build on integrated and standalone apps. Solutions are now around to make this still an efficient exercise. Read what some banks are deciding..

TD Banks Caters Blackberry Mobile Banking app

Recently TD finally offers a mobile banking app for its customer. After launching apps for Iphone and Android in august 2010, this next mobile banking launch was a logic one. Research In Motion being just around the corner in the Greater Toronto Area and having a faithfull Canadian customer base using blackberries, TD Bank will add again value to its customers. Find out more what the app offers

HANA Bank is still leading the mobile banking innovation

Where-ever Mobile Banking brings me, Hana Bank is always popping up as the bank having a very innovative approach to mobile banking. The tokyo-based bank is highly effective and big in South Korea. Read here what Celent report on this Bank's innovative mobile channel