Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mobile Banking News, Facts Q4 2011 Q1 2012

Q4 - 2012 Posts

Ignore the Dinosaurs.... learn from Apple and Google

I came across another interesting term. 'Distribution Disruptor'. Being around in mobile banking and mobile payments, adding mobile as just another channel is not the way to go. For those who have read my other blogs know that mobile as defined by Apple and Google are distribution disruptors and banks as an industry are prone to this similar as the book and music industry.

Interesting if you read three blogs from three experts working and coming from different background, you cross-analyse them  and you similar warning signals.

A blog on how to make NFC mainstream shows that Google (wallet) and Apple (passbook) are mastering the user experience. It also helps if you are device manufacturer.

And another blog shows that by just replicating Banks will not win in the mobile money domain. Other dinosaur like MNO's are not used to open, collaborative working environments which will not lead to innovation and mass adoption either.

And the third blog shows why smaller banks (compared with the large banks with large 'brick channels') and credit union are better (and even the consumer perception is already like this) in new technology adoption and creating remote access to customers.

 If you count it all up the successformula for innovation on mobile money is: Convenience+UX (app)+Device ?? Something what Apple and Google already practice...succesfully.

Q3 - 2012 Posts

From the NFC Field II: Working on Mobile Wallet.... choking models

Earlier this month Barclaycard and Orange finally made it to Android-their mobile wallet services launched first in the UK late 2011 on 2 Samsung phones (Bada) is now available on the much popular Samsung S3. So WE did it. Expanding the service. Can I say 'WE', ofcourse since I was a proud member of the team. From the other side there is also a critical note which must sound so familiar to Google and its Google Wallet: they cannot get it out there (in the Western world at least) into a Multi-device and Multi-OS environment. Much to the frustration of those organisations who dare to make our lives (in which paying for goods and services take an important part) easier. As for Google managed to expand multi-device they face also many challenges since they are single-OS (Android) only. Putting faith of NFC mobile payments in the hands of mobile providers, I strongly discourage such a strategy. I have seen what goes wrong.

 In a mobile world where rules and industries are being reset by Apple, there is still much to gain by other mobile platforms and device manufacturers however since Apple let us down again by not putting NFC in its iPhone 5.

Meantime I know that it will be hard for the current mobile wallet model in the UK. The Olympics werenot a NFC payment success even though Lloijds and Visa were investing millions and trying to gain public interest but mobile and thus also mobile payments doesnot grow in a closed environment and you try to lock out other consumers. It will take long time before they finally create a critical mass and mass consumer adoption despite strategic hopes. it is not a lack of devices with NFC, it is not the consumer who donot want, it is the model which have been created. It will choke further expansion...let see if I am gonna be wrong.

Q2 - 2012 Posts

Corporate Appstores, MDM and Multi-development platforms, the road for companies to Enterprise Mobility

Last month I was invited by Gartner in Paris to be addressed on a new variant of their Magic Quadrant. Although I donot fully underline Gartner’s ranking systems, it still is one of the leading research matrices, companies use to select solutions in mobile (B2C. B2B) and mobility (B2E)
Most interesting is how the set of quadrants in the mobile technology space is expanding. After the consumer world , mobile technology is now getting its feet into the enterprise world. IT will need to extend roadmaps into new area’s like corporate appstores and  MDM (multi device management) which often includes security .

All new phenomena were business is going to deal with in the coming years, probably even more than ‘IT consumerism’.  So after IT consumerism which causes a paradigm shift for traditional IT we get to focus on ‘IT employeesm’. 
At Capgemini we are making also further steps, not only with the ‘obvious’ but also with the ‘to be expected’.  As mentioned in my earlier blogs, Apple is  also a major player in Enterprise mobility and therefore we are working with Apple in the EMEA region. It’s an outsider but ready to punch old-enterprise IT schools like SAP.
Most critics donot believe this since Apple is consumer market oriented only and Steve Jobs said two years ago he doesnot believe in enterprise, however at Apple they know better and there is more legacy on enterprise than critics may think !!
Other critics may think that working with Apple is a bet on a single horse. Most of them are the same who still take on the battle of HTML5-native or iOS vs Android. Waste of time,  I rather reason from a Platform point of view.
Apple has created an enormous ecosystem for  apps and devices. They have more market share in tablet  than in smartphones. PC is just a milkcow, maximum. Employees bringing their own device. They provide high-class security and your own appstore services leveraging their Appstore assets. When you count it all up, what does it tell you.
Now lots of companies and IT donot want to make the mistake for choosing iOS. However if you integrate with a MDM solutions (see Gartner) and a multi-platform development tool (see also Gartner) you engineer yourself into a future-proof digital age.

Q1- 2012 Posts

Another First mover Win for Barclays in Mobile Payments

As wrote in my blog earlier it is great to work at the forefront of mobile payments at least in Europe and see how the digital payments space is taken shape. Earlier in 2011 Barclaycard launched NFC payments with Orange. After Google Wallet, the first in NA and Europe which actually made it happen

With Apple to Enterprise Mobility. A much broader view to Mobile banking

Our collaboration with Apple is a great new road and emphasising the need to revolutionize business models.The business model to pursue I call the App-led business model. Still I find most IT executives underestimating the transformation they are facing. If industries like the music industry and telecom have been redefined by Apple, why wait as an organisation to take action now. The main impact in organisation of the App-led business model will be on IT, Marketing and CRM. Strategically this means organisation will have to look from a total new vision (outside-in) and new architectures. Forrester calls it the App-internet structure. So Strategy need to follow structure. In the FS industry there is already a great Best Practice at Standard Chartered. It is gonna an interesting year again for Mobility. Hopefully most organisations wake-up ontime to look at Apple how they did it and are now the highest values Organisation in the world....and still growing.

From the Field : Working on Mobile Payment...Fascinating Battle
Working in the UK on mobile payments is absolutely a great new experience in mobile space, especially since it is all about making it happen in a great 'just do it' ....culture. Being inside a leader and seeing all the first mover advantages unfolding and making fast great new strategic steps is very valuable. This FI broke the rules, thinks different and show guts and commitment. In US the ISIS program seems like becoming a long road to actual launch. Same in Netherlands where the SixPack consortium is now looking at a 2013 launch date. That is very long in an environment where the pace is incredible fast. Meanwhile The Mobile /Digital Payment Battle is on in the UK with the Olympic Games ahead and Paypal as the one to beat. But aren't they too conservative and underestimating........!?

November - December 2011 Posts

Capgemini Financial Service presents  its view on the Digital world for Swedish Financial Institutes

The leaders in Swedish computer media (Computer Sweden) organised on 16th November their annual Bank 2.0 conference. Inviting leaders and solution providers of the digital world. Capgemini presented their view on how digital channels impact strategy, architecture and organisation of Financial Institutions.
By clicking on the agenda (slot 11.35am) you will find Capgmini's view on Bank 2.0 !

September - Oktober 2011 Posts

First Mover advantages do work, also in mobile

A scorecard recently introduced to rate the best banks on mobile banking showed Wells Fargo as the number one ranked. The same bank who came as the first bank with a mobile banking app at the Iphone.
I guess 4 years later the have been able to turn the first move in a major benefit !

Forrester , Gartner and now Tower group mention all Kony as a major play in  mobile platform solutions

Within four months three research firms reported positive on this mobile platform provider. Especialy interesting for management in airline and Financial Service industry.

Latest presentation on the role of Mobile in Digital Transformation

The role of mobile as main driver in digital transformations is imminent. Last week in Nice, Capgemini presented both on the NFC World Congress on Mobile Payments (Deborah Baxley) and myself (michel van den Berg) on mobile at the Smart Mobility conference. You can find the presentation at slideshare.